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Spirit in Service:
Spirit of Love in Service
to the Living Light.

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Ideas Reflecting a Spiritual Paradigm

Enlightenment is a verb,
not a noun to be attained.
Enlightenment is a state of
Being Love.
We are all traveling together.
We are all in relationship
within the whole.

I recommend starting with the most recent books:

Book Seven: Seer's Guidebook

The ideal candidate for the position of a Seer
shall be able to think outside the box.
E shall create innovative solutions
to age old problems.
E shall be intuitive and creative.
E shall connect with the inner silence and
spin threads of relationship.
Education not required,
but true Wisdom is essential!

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Book Six: Cosmological Transformations

This is a collection of modern haiku poetry.
Turn off your analytical mind and
seek to feel with your inner being.
Become present with the words and
experience Cosmological Transformation.

Book Five: Being Love

A collection of transformative meditations
to open your spiritual heart
and guide you toward
the experience of Being Love.

Spiritual and Scientific Research Pages

for contemplation, deep thought, and inspiration.

This is some of my ongoing research
which is not contained in my books.

Chi Gong Research Pages
The primordial art form
of Balance, Breath, and Life.

Ancestral Memory Research Pages
A cooperative inquiry into Ancestral Memory.

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